A Beautiful Tribute for a Talented Musician

Carlie Burdett gave us the gift of her music and inspired us with her dedication and talents. Even though we  have lost her from this physical world, her music will continue to live on. Her family will continue to add new music to this website to help continue spreading her music for others to enjoy and share.

For those who are interested, we are happy to share  videos of her memorial celebration, which includes some of her original poetry and music:

1- Choir Performance & Pastor Kelly:

2- “The Sycamore” Poem written by  Carlie Burdett, read by  Bliss Burdett and “The Worship Place” song by Carlie Burdett  performed by The Worship Place Choir:

3- Family Tribute by  Dorie Burdett Pickle  and “Dream Bird” by  Hanna Pak (song lyrics and music by  Carlie Burdett / arrangement and performance by  Hanna Pak):

4- Remembrance by Ann Hay (friend):

5- Words of Comfort by Pastor Kelly Barnett

And,  to read her full obituary including a photo slideshow, please click here.

Thank you for your interest in Carlie and her music. To hear more of her music,  please click here. And, check back often for updates.